We Make Borrowing Simple

If you have someone who will vouch for you, we can loan you up to $10,000 today!

    $2000 over 12 months, repaying $207.93 per month, total repayable $2495.16.

    Interest Rate 43% per annum. Representative Example: $10,000 over 36 months (secured by guarantee) repaying $498.66 per month, total repayable $17,951.76.

    How To Get A Quick Loan?

    Apply Online
    We ask you some super basic information so we can get a better idea of who you are.
    Choose your Guarantor
    This is the person who will vouch for you and make your payment IF you miss a month.
    Get Funded
    We will deposit the money in the bank account of your Guarantor as soon as today*

    Having Trouble Borrowing Money On Your Own?

    Don’t worry, we can help you!
    If you have someone that will vouch for you and that trusts you are someone who will repay the loan, then we can help you.

    What does it mean for you? It means lower interest rates for you than a traditional payday loan. It means a flexible repayment scheduled, the ability to rebuild or build your credit, and you can make payments you can afford.

    Who makes a good Guarantor?

    Can be anywhere in Canada except ALBERTA
    Aged 19 to 75 at the time of the loan
    Good Credit
    Ideally a homeowner (but we don't secure the loan against their property)
    Can afford to and is willing to make payments if the Borrower doesn't
    A Guarantor is a good friend, a family member or a work colleague who knows you can repay the loan, they guarantee the loan for you.
    * Please note as a guarantor you will be responsible for ensuring that the loan is brought up to date in the event payments are missed by the borrower. In the event that payments are consistently missed this may impact on your credit score.

    Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Loan on Me

    Easy Online Application
    Money Transferred Quickly
    No Upfront Fees
    No Prepayment Penalties
    Loans are unsecured, you can use for anything you need
    Help Build Credit

    How fast can I get the money?

    If you have your guarantor lined up, we can get you the funds within 24 hours* based on business days.
    “I just wanted to say THANK YOU for expediting my loan and helping me along the way. The Loan on Me team have been fantastic and made the process very easy. This loan will go a long way in helping me consolidate outstanding debt with high interest and has put my mind at ease.”

    Lucy Dunkley

    Vancouver, BC

    How can Loan on Me approve you when other lenders can’t?

    If you are worried about your credit score, or getting denied for another loan – don’t worry with Loan on Me. This is a different type of loan process. If you have a friend, family member or colleague that knows you and trusts that you will make the loan payments, then we will too. We help people who have been turned down elsewhere. We give you a second chance and along the way every payment you make in full and on time, we report to the credit agency so it helps you build your credit score.

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