How Does Loan on Me Work?

Apply Online

Apply online by selecting the amount you wish to borrow and the period over which you want to repay – you can use our calculator to ensure that the loan you are taking out is the most suitable for your circumstances.

Choose Who Will Vouch For You

Provide us with your personal information so we can start the approval process. We are checking your credit with a soft pull (doesn’t affect your credit score) just to confirm that you are not currently bankrupt, leaving you with the peace of mind to decide if our loans are right for you. All personal data provided will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Immediate Decision

Nominate your Guarantor by providing us with their details. Please check with your Guarantor before you provide us with their details that you have their permission to do so, and direct them to our Privacy Policy. We will send you a link to give your guarantor and/or we can send the application directly to them.

Same Day Payout*

If all documentation is submitted at the time of application.

Loan Approved?

We will direct deposit the funds into you Guarantors account and they will be responsible to forward those funds to you. From that point on, we don’t interact with your Guarantor UNLESS you miss a payment and we need their assistance in bringing your payments back on track. Or if that fails, we get the amount owing from your Guarantor.

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