Debt Consolidation Loans

Take control and change your finances for the better

    $2000 over 12 months, repaying $207.93 per month, total repayable $2495.16.

    Interest Rate 43% per annum. Representative Example: $10,000 over 36 months (secured by guarantee) repaying $498.66 per month, total repayable $17,951.76.

    Lower interest rates for you than a traditional pay day loan. 

    Don’t worry, we can help you!
    If you have someone that will vouch for you and that trusts you are someone who will repay the loan, then we can help you.

    What does it mean for you? It means lower interest rates for you than a traditional payday loan. It means a flexible repayment scheduled, the ability to rebuild or build your credit, and you can make payments you can afford.

    Why choose Loan on Me for debt consolidation?

    Settle Old Debts
    One Affordable Monthly Payment
    Trusted Lender

    What Makes Loan on Me Different?

    Flexible Repayment Scheduled
    The Ability to Rebuild or Build Your Credit 
    You Can Make Payments you Can Afford

    What Are Debt Consolidation Loans?

    Debt consolidation loans are a way of taking control, settling your debts, and getting your finances back on track. One repayment, once a month, that covers everything you owe.

    Lower interest rates for you than a traditional pay day loan. 

    Sound straightforward? That's the goal. The funds from a debt consolidation loan could be used to settle all your other debts, from car finance, credit cards, loans, store credit, or pay monthly deals. That leaves you with just one, easy-to-manage monthly commitment that's been tailored to work best for you.

    Our debt consolidation guarantor loans range from $2,000 - $10,000 and can be repaid over 1 to 5 years, with a representative variable APR of 43%. Pick and choose the payments that are right for your circumstances, and we'll make sure it's affordable before going ahead.

    "They helped me to consolidate all my debts to one monthly payment. I'm so happy, thank you!"

    Jessica M.

    Toronto, ON

    Using a loan to consolidate credit card debt

    Guarantor loans also work for consolidating credit card debt. You could use the funds from an unsecured loan with Loan on Me to pay off your credit cards, leaving you with one monthly payment towards us. Make sure this is in your best interests by checking whether this will reduce the total cost or the APR.

    And just to add, unlike credit cards, the minimum payment never changes. You choose the monthly payments to suit your circumstances before the loan is paid out, and we'll make sure it's affordable before it goes ahead.

    With Loan on Me, no matter what type of debt you're hoping to consolidate, you're in safe hands.

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